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The movie Gyurcsány got such a rating from NMHH that all cinemas in the country can show it

The National Authority for Media and Communications (NMHH) has given an art rating to the Hungarian feature film Elk*rtuk; With the decision, not only complications, but all Artosmos in the country can anticipate the leakage of the speech of the fall of 2006 and the political crime that dealt with the subsequent events – said the producer of the film Megafilm Kft.

According to the decision of the National Authority for Media and Communications (NMHH), Elk*rtuk meets the criteria of Hungarian feature films, having received the art cinema rating, that is, all multiplex cinemas and artists in the country can show. Filming will be shown in cinemas from October 21, according to the announcement, which also states that the NMHH will award artistic ratings to films in circulation that contribute to the development of Hungarian, European and world audiovisual culture with their artistic value, or that the committee considers them to be of educational and cultural importance and of a high artistic level. .

Gabor Calomesta, the film’s producer, quotes, “The hurdle of showing Elk*rtuk by art cinemas has been removed.”

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