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The National Association of Hungarian Dietitians was founded thirty years ago

In Hungary, university education has a history of over forty-five years, and the degree of Nutritionist can be obtained after four years of study at Semmelweis University School of Health Sciences, Pecs University School of Health Sciences or Debrecen University School of Public Health. The degree qualifies you into three areas: prevention, nutrition management, and clinical dietetics. The professional organization of dieticians, the National Association of Hungarian Dietitians (MDOSZ), was founded exactly thirty years ago in order to represent and standardize the profession, putting their knowledge at the service of the population. MDOSZ is also a member of the European Federation of Dietetic Associations (EFAD) and the International Federation of Dietetic Associations (ICDA). The organization announced on the occasion of the anniversary.

It is a proven fact that close integration of nutritional counseling into primary care will have a number of economic and public health benefits. This is because proper nutrition reduces the risk of diet-related diseases, including obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, and can reduce health care costs. International research shows that 1 euro spent on each nutrition board saves 14 to 63 euros for the community, not to mention the individual’s health, quality of life and well-being. However, we still often listen to the advice of a coach, lifestyle advisor, naturopath or perhaps a celebrity, influencer or friend, although in matters of nutrition we should turn to a dietitian who can even create a personalized diet if necessary.

From June to the end of the year, the professional association prepares for thirty different weeks with different activities in order to raise awareness among the Hungarian population. The series of events begins next week with Dietitians Week. The Hungarian organization is joining this international initiative for the second time, in which case it will post a helpful post on its Facebook page “Health on the Place” every day.

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It will also launch its “30 Week 30 Prescription” in June. On Fridays, nutritionists compile the recipes published on based on the correct nutritional recommendations. Anyone who follows the favorite foods that will appear on the site, which also reflect the individual tastes of the members of the association, will have no problem in the coming year if they want to eat healthy and varied food according to OKOSTÁNYÉR®.

And if someone is still not sure who to go with their nutrition questions, they will surely be convinced by videos and Facebook posts where doctors, patients, and sometimes well-known people tell us why it was a good decision to turn to a dietitian and what results they can use. they can achieve.

Therefore, it will be useful to follow the Health Facebook page on Platter Week daily starting next week, to see the recipes published on every week and to watch the latest news, videos and other interesting content on the MDOSZ website and Facebook page at least once a month. Until the end of the year, they wrote.