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The neighboring star is very actively destroying

Proxima Centauri drastically bombards the surface of its companions.

We’ve also written about the neighboring star closest to the sun and its companions several times in recent years, with experts using several binoculars (and binocular systems) to spot the things that are most interesting to us. At first, there were still hopes for the existence of life, but in 2018 that was already clearly disproved, and now the extreme nature of solar activity is underlined.

The members of the research group once again recorded the latest developments with the participation of the ALMA antenna network in Chile as well as Hubble. It was officially released during the month of April Attention We can read that it happened in May 2019, during which a huge courtship was recorded. In the case of Proxima Centauri, the brightness of the star increased a thousand times in just a few seconds, but Hubble, the researcher in the field of ultraviolet radiation, measured a bigger difference, as the brightness was fourteen thousand. Time than usual. This, of course, affects the planets orbiting the star, and their surface, in the form of a rather brutal bombardment, highlighting that the aforementioned phenomenon is a hundred times stronger than what we saw before the sun.

For us, Proxima b is the most interesting celestial body, as it is a planet with a solid surface the size of Earth, while Proxima c is a young Neptune. The first moves in the habitable zone, but it is closer to the star than it is in our system, which is why the planet orbits around it in just 11 days. The power of the solar wind, among other things, is much stronger than what we are used to, the difference in this regard is two thousand times, and it is clear that it does not have a very positive effect on the surface. Given that the two stars are roughly the same age, Proxima Centauri has been able to bombard the surface of its companions for billions of years, so the existence of life is not very likely despite its ideal location.

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Astronomers hope that by using several tools simultaneously, they will be able to monitor the details of this effect, and better assess exactly what is resulting from these outbreaks.