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The new cat is Cyberpunk, the stray


In the game, we control a cat who is torn from her family in the dirty streets of a huge cyberpunk city.

7/30/2021 23:32 | Greg | Category: game

Designed for PC and PlayStation consoles BlueTwelve Studios A new action-adventure game, a stray. The game has now got a brand new preview in which we can get a feel of the gameplay in about five minutes.

Stray will be set in a cyberpunk city in the distant future, and the protagonist will be a stray cat. We have to find his way home with him after we are separated from our family. But this city is big and dangerous, full of dirty alleys and strange characters. And of course with robots.

Fortunately, our feral cat won’t be entirely alone as we make friends with a tiny drone, B12, during our adventure. It will help you solve some tasks and overcome obstacles.

Based on the video, Stray still looks pretty promising. It is not yet known exactly when it will appear, but before 2022 we cannot expect the premiere. ■

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