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The new Chinese GPU has been removed

A shocking outcome has emerged on one of the developments, but there are many question marks.

Over the past year, we’ve also reported on a number of Chinese graphics cards that promise to be interesting, outlining some details of their hardware, although in both cases the full list has yet to become available. One of those has now appeared in a benchmark database, with disappointing results, but not necessarily a complete failure.

Last June, we wrote about the development of Genfly Technology, which was offered as a standalone solution. We mentioned at the time the 28nm manufacturing technology, as well as unexciting indicators, but it seems that parent company Shanghai Zhaoxin Semiconductor Company is making several different samples, one of which is now Standard His abilities flashed through. Interestingly, the processor, motherboard and graphics controller are from the same company’s repertoire, but the OpenCL score is very low, as the 579-point level is a very old integrated controller (like the 2011 Radeon HD 6480G). Some phone versions (including 2018 ARM Mali-G52) can be cited as a similar example, and there’s not much chance of embracing recent developments.

Geenekch . has been completed in the list Accordingly, we can only find the name of the Chinese development below, but this does not mean a complete failure, because we do not know exactly what (how many different solutions) the company does. It’s easy to say the version measured now is the more modest entry-level kind that isn’t strapped into not-too-weak components anyway, with 8GB of DDR4 still on the list plus a 2.7GHz chip, although the The 24 GPU, compute unit, and 2GB of VRAM look quite disappointing. At the moment, the question of what caused the result so bad is not really clear on this topic.

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The current version is called the Glenfly Arise 1020, but the one presented last year may be different from the GPU, but here we will definitely have to wait for more official announcements before we can judge the series.