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The new German chancellor: Compulsory vaccination could be introduced as early as 2022

In Germany, they can even make a general commitment to vaccination, a spokesperson for the federal government executive told MTI on Tuesday.

Stephen Seibert The fourth wave of the epidemic “has created a very dangerous and tragic situation in the health care system in some areas” and said that this calls for decisive action.

There is a common belief that more action is needed to reduce the number of newly registered infections daily and put pressure on hospitals as quickly as possible.

The spokesperson added that in addition to the decision on a vaccination obligation for health and social care workers, preparing a “decision on a public vaccination obligation as soon as possible” is an additional task.

In addition to restrictions and a commitment to immunization, another key area is the vaccination campaign, where an additional 30 million doses could be given by Christmas, after 122.5 million doses have been given, according to Stephen Seibert.

Expected from the chancellery, Olaf Schulz On an online TV news program called Bild, they said they would prepare and submit their proposal for a mass vaccination to the Federal Parliament (Bundestag) later this year. He stressed that the members’ decision should not be influenced by the principle of party discipline, and that all members of the Bundestag should vote on the motion independently, listening to their conscience.

The Social Democratic politician (SPD) justified the intention to introduce the duty to vaccinate on the grounds that the voluntary vaccination system was not using the vaccine sufficiently to protect the entire population from Covid-19.

A coalition preparing for the government – the Social Democrats, the Greens and Liberals (FDP) – plans to introduce the commitment in late February and early March. It wouldn’t be penalized for not giving the vaccine in the first place, but the warning. Olaf Schultz said the exact details have yet to be determined.

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