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The newest McDonald’s restaurant in the country has opened in Szombathely

Construction began at the end of last year, so a second McDonald’s restaurant opened in Szombathely. The development of Modern Drive Restaurant on Kéthly Anna Street is in line with the company’s growth strategy, the two core workings being the opening of new units and the transformation of existing restaurants in the spirit of the ‘Experience the Future’ concept. The restaurant will create 70 new jobs for those who live in the area.

The newest restaurant has already been built on the concept of ‘Experience the Future’, so a modern and rejuvenating Mecca experience awaits those who come here. The main innovation in the concept is that in these restaurants, guests can order, pay, receive and consume famous McDonald’s products in a way that best suits their needs and vision. Customers will also find an order picker with a touch screen, digital menu board, and a drive. However, digitization is not intended to replace human contact, but rather to help colleagues have more time to deal with guests. This is why guest experience managers care about customer comfort, and table service is also available in the restaurant.

The Hungarian company has asked István Komondi Franchise Partner to operate the new unit, which, as a resident of Szombathely, operates restaurants not only in Szombathely, but also in Keszthely, Sopron and Zalaegerszeg.

“It gives me great pleasure that I was assigned to run McDonald’s in Hungary to operate the second restaurant in the city and that we were able to bring not only the ‘Future Restaurant Experience’ to the district headquarters but also McCafé and Drive service. Together with 130 of my colleagues, we will continue to focus on Our guests, but thanks to the new concept, as well as technological innovations, the complex experience offered by the restaurant will be expanded. I am confident that our guests will appreciate the exciting innovations, and modern look and feel, and this restaurant will also be an important meeting point for residents and visitors to the city. We have always considered playing An active role in the life of the city as a member and supporter of the local community. That is why we are developing a nearby residential park playground with the city on the occasion of the opening of the restaurant.”

Stephen Komondi said.

In the new unit, the company implemented one of the guest interior design favorites, an interior in the “alphabet” style reminiscent of the world of modern and youthful burgers, designed according to Hungarian needs by Hungarian designers based on international standards. The guest room can comfortably accommodate 90 people at a time.

Thanks to new kitchen technology, all products are made to order, and guests can order coffee specialties – made using a Barista La Simballe coffee machine – in lactose-free milk, almond liqueur or a decaffeinated version at the city’s first McAfee counter, kiosks, or Sign out and drive window.

Sustainability was also a priority when designing the restaurant. Depending on the features of the building, the designers sought natural lighting, and LED lights were installed everywhere. Heat pump cooling and heating also save energy, and heat energy from caloric systems in restaurant cold and freezing rooms is used to preheat domestic hot water.

“We can see that with the opening of the new McDonald’s restaurant (built in Zombatthele based on the concept of ‘Experience the Future’), we have taken another step towards the city of tomorrow. The modern 21st century environment and the restaurant, which is easily accessible in the area, are sure to appeal For many.In addition to the usual gastronomic experiences in our new open city McDonald’s, it is worth noting that it also creates about 70 new jobs, thus helping 70 families in and around Szombathely.I would also like to thank Clear ’97 Gyorsétterem Kft.

– said Dr. András Nemény, Mayor of Szombathely.

McDonald’s is the world’s leading restaurant network, with more than 36,000 units available to guests in more than 100 countries. The first McDonald’s restaurant opened in Hungary in 1988. The approximately 7,000 employees currently working in 103 restaurants serve over 80 million guests annually. For more information, see

Available on the website about the company and its services.

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