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The next BioShock will be an open world

More job vacancies revealed for the project.

It’s been quite a long time since BioShock’s last release, though the old 2013 Infinite split fans by replacing the ocean-floored city of Rapture, dark and claustrophobic, with Colombia are floating above the clouds, colorful and vast. For this reason, some fans have already been waiting since 2010 BioShock 2 for the next part of the series, which can be called real in quotes.

Bioshock RemasteredForrás: Take-Two Interactive

Whatever the case, the next part, which has been planning for a long time, won’t be running recently, job announcements for developer Cloud-publishing Take-Two. Based on Only in the foreseeable future can you switch to the full pace of development.

The company is currently among others Responsible writer He is looking for someone who will have to discover primary and secondary tasks, with an emphasis on character for an open world environment. One In another announcement You can apply for a job as a programmer specializing in artificial intelligence, and it is hoped that the person who receives the job will make a lasting impression in interactive behavioral simulations of groups.

Moving BioShock from linear gameplay to an open world isn’t a big surprise, job announcements at the end of 2019 have already revealed a major career change. The new announcements only confirm that despite the great silence, the game is still in the pipeline, and its core concept hasn’t changed for nearly a year and a half in the meantime.

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