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The next Far Cry game is said to be “more internet-oriented”.

It is said that Ubisoft a Far Cry 6 After its release, it was intended to remake the Far Cry franchise. Given the fan criticism, too, this seems like a logical move.

Stephen Totilo, az Axios A UK employee claimed that he learned from his sources that Ubisoft “Exploring a more online-oriented approach to follow-up”. His sources confirmed what he did Jason Schreyer The reporter back in June a Triple click on PodcastHe said – according to Ubisoft “It’s trying to go in a radically different direction in the case of Far Cry” since the last appearance. Given the pasts of both journalists, we have no reason to doubt this report.

Schreyer used to be Assassin’s Creed InfinityIt was leaked, which is said to take the franchise in a whole new direction. The Bloomberg A July report by Ubisoft forced recognition of the existence of Infinity, but the developer did not confirm that Assassin’s Creed will now be a developed online platform, as Sinister claimed.

Given the direction of Ubisoft, it makes sense that Company A Far Cry 7 It also leans towards an online oriented approach. Just a few days ago Far Cry 6 teaserIt was thought to refer to a multiplayer game set in the universe of the series.

While this report may be of concern to some, it is worth noting that the last few entries in the Far Cry series have been specifically criticized because they were said to bring nothing new to the table. In fact, this was the biggest criticism of Far Cry 6, many fans and critics said nothing about feeling that it will be more of the same game, staying as it was, only with better visuals and other environments.

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As soon as we have more information about the next Far Cry game, we will write it down immediately.

Source: PSLS