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The nonsense of the rich, the torture of animals, is banned in Britain

Of course, for this move, West Ham United footballer Kurt Zuma needed the miraculous and gruesome video of him kicking his own cat.

The scandal erupted more than a week after a video of West Prem United’s French Premier League French footballer kicking his own cat and then cutting off the shoe for the unfortunate animal went public.

Of course, Zouma did not apologize, however, he was prosecuted and could face up to four years in prison under British law. (There are places where animal welfare laws are taken seriously.)

In the aftermath of this incident, of course, great outrage erupted, which

As an unexpected side effect, domestic cats may be banned from crossing the UK with wildcats.

These “designer cats” are becoming popular among the country’s super rich, as reported by the lawsuit. Independent British newspaper Calling them – the fashion craze is now spreading to the extent that such a cat can be offered up to 16,000 on social forums.

Most commonly fed or other small cats are used for cross-breeding, and today it is only for this reason that male animals are caught in their habitats.

This practice is not currently illegal, but animal welfare organizations are increasingly speaking out against it. It is not yet known what effect these will have on the herd of cats – or, if they spread elsewhere, some specimens will be released into the wild and bred with the wild cats there – or on other species.

Opening image: Domestic cats are often paired with serpents. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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