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The northernmost island of Earth off the coast of Greenland has been discovered

Danish Arctic researchers say they stumbled upon what they believe – and likely actually do – the world’s northernmost island off the coast of Greenland – as revealed in their latest communications.

Scientists at the University of Copenhagen initially thought they had reached an island discovered in 1978 in Udaq, discovered by a Danish survey team, to collect samples during an expedition in July.

Instead, they ended up in the north, on an undiscovered island. Morten Rush, the expedition leader, said they were convinced that the island they were on was Oodaaq, which until then had been registered as the northernmost island in the world, but when he posted pictures of the island and its coordinates on social media, many American islanders He got mad. This cannot be true….”

According to the university, the small island, apparently discovered as a result of shifting ice, is about 30 by 60 meters in size and rises to about three to four meters in height.

It is said that the research team Do not attribute the formation of the island in question to climate changeIt is said that the name of the island of Qirtaq Avnarlik, which means “the northernmost island”, has already been suggested.

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