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The number of injured has exceeded 130 million

130,144,179 people worldwide have been infected with the Coronavirus pandemic, with 28,36,961 deaths and 7,3705,603 survivors, according to Saturday morning data from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

One day before, 1,295,10295 people were recorded, while the number of deaths reached 28,26852. The infection is present in 192 countries and territories.

Experts say the number of diagnosed cases does not accurately reflect the reality because the number of tests is somewhat limited in every country, and registration criteria also differ.

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A disease called Covid-19 is caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus

  • The United States has been hit the most, with 30606778 infected and 554069 deaths recorded to date.
  • In Russia, the number of confirmed injuries increased to 4511,973, the number of deaths rose to 97,986, and recovery to 4138,458.
  • In the UK, there were 4,367,956 people infected and 127,058 people had died from the disease.
  • In Italy, 3,607,000 people have been registered, the number of deaths reached 110,328, and 2,953,377 have recovered from Covid-19.
  • In Germany, 2882,356 were infected, 76,940 died, and 25,66,530 were cured.

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