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The number of injured reached 162.8 million, and the number of dead reached 3.37 million worldwide. News

To date, 162,788,478 people worldwide have been infected with the Coronavirus pandemic, with 3,375,243 deaths at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, CET, according to data on Monday morning.

The day before, 16,220,037 cases were recorded, with 3,365,106 deaths.

The infection is present in 192 countries and territories. Experts say the number of diagnosed cases does not accurately reflect the reality because the number of tests is somewhat limited in every country, and registration criteria also differ.

According to official data, a disease called Covid-19 caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus is affecting the United States the most, with so far 32,940,778 and 585,970 people have died.

In India, 24684077 injuries and 270,284 deaths were recorded.

In Brazil, there are 15,627,243 infected and 435,751 deaths.

In France, 5,939,019 injuries and 107,777 deaths were recorded.

5,117,374 injuries have been recorded in Turkey so far, with 44,760 deaths, according to official figures.

In Russia, the number of confirmed infections increased to 4,883,734, and the number of deaths rose to 11,3927.

In the UK, there were 4,466,589 people infected and 127,941 people had died from the disease.

There are 4,159,152 injured in Italy and 124,156 deaths.

In Spain, 3,604,799 injuries and 79,339 deaths were recorded.

In Germany, 3,602,939 were infected and 86,166 died.

In Argentina, there are 3,307,285 injured and 70,522 dead.

There are 2854079 injuries and 71,664 deaths in Poland.

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the spread of the Coronavirus, which had spread from Wuhan, China.