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The Olympic champion gymnast showed a jump made by just a few men

Four-time Olympic champion Simon Biles He made history again in gymnastics, as he was the first female athlete to jump on the double version of the Yurchenko flip with a knife movement.

Already in February of last year, 19-time world champion Biles uploaded a video to his community page showing that he was practicing this extremely challenging jumping set in training, and now he’s also showing it off in conditions of competition in the US Classic Race in Indianapolis.

Yurchenko double-jerk is very risky with knife movement – so far only men have done it, and a few of them – so according to the International Gymnastics Federation Code Book, the difficulty score is 6.6, because they don’t want to encourage athletes to perform dangerous jumps.

Simon Biles, 24, is back right after Saturday’s race a year and a half later. He will appear in the US National Championships in Fort Worth in the near future and then in St. Louis, the Olympic team.

In the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, in addition to the team competition, the first and third place in the individual pool, jump and land also became the most successful gymnast in the history of the World Championships in 2019: 25 coins and 19 golds are equal records.

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