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The omicron was able to steal genes from the common cold virus

Reuters Article – Commodity reported that at least some of the mutations in the omicron coronavirus variant may have been obtained from the common cold virus. This genetic sequence does not appear in any previous version of the new type of coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, but is present in many other viruses (including cold viruses) and in the human genome.

Analysis so far Prepress Published and implemented by experts from an American data analytics company. Genetic changes may cause the virus to spread more easily, but it does not develop the same strong immune response as the other variants, which presents a significant risk of infection with the coronavirus.

But at the moment, nothing is certain

We don’t have enough data on whether it causes more severe or mild disease than previous mutations or whether it spreads more easily.

Previous research has shown that the lungs and digestive system can simultaneously “host” SARS-CoV-2 and the coronavirus responsible for the common cold, in which case a recombination event can occur. This means that two different viruses interact with each other in the same host cell, making copies of themselves that already contain some genetic material from both “parents”, the original viruses.

The genetic sequence in question often appears in one of the coronaviruses that causes the common cold in humans – HCoV-229E – and in the HIV virus that causes AIDS.

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