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The Opera House opens on Andrássy Street

17 shows, most of which were missed, will be replaced by Hungarian Opera House in Season 138 dedicated to reopening. Plácido Domingo returns as lead and onstage, but the audience can also meet the productions of Erwin Schrott, Peter Seiffer, Patricia Petibon and Lawrence Brownlee, while Sir Willard White sings Bluebeard and Porgy. The first shows include, among others, Hoffmann’s Tales of Offenbach, Daughter of the Regiment, Carmengee by Calixto Piato, Laszlo by Erkel Hunyadi, Wagner Parsevalja, Twilight of the Gods, Sad Chain and Chroma, among others.
The 2021/2022 season is in many ways the season of reopening at the Opera House. After the pandemic, the institution will reopen its doors to spectators, with the official handover of the Eiffel workshop and the introduction of new programs – not just for audiences interested in opera and ballet.

Before the season report, Miklos Kassler, Minister of Human Resources, emphasized that the Hungarian musical culture is characterized by its multiple and high-quality roots, because the sources are very clean. He added that Kodaly and Bartok have also relied on Hungarian folk music that depicts the Hungarian spirit and Hungarian sense of life.

The Hungarian Opera House announces the 2021/2022 season premiere in the Roundhouse of the Eiffel Workshop. Minister Miklos Kassler and General Director of the Opera House on New Year’s EvePhoto: Attila Polliak-Orego

“We are going through a difficult period. A pandemic has not hit humanity in the past 100 years. He stressed that this epidemic is not like any other epidemic,” noting that among the epidemiological measures, quarantine also used the human spirit.

Miklos Kalsler, Minister of Human ResourcesPhoto: Attila Polliak-Orego

Now finally here again, the piano cover has been opened, we can hear the music live and enjoy its magic when people meet each other. We just recovered this experience. Enjoy it for everyone! “ The Minister concluded his opening speech.

Opera Premiere

Among the reopening shows, after the premiere on Margaret Island in July, Carmagni, the Catalan director also known as Tarantino for his opera director, Synxto Piato, who is currently playing, will be shown at the Eiffel Workshop from September. Among the performances he missed last season was Carole Joseph Wojtya II. Pope John Paul’s play The Goldsmith’s Shop was directed by Janus Zecora and produced jointly with the Vorosmarty Theater in Sixverver.

The Hungarian Opera House announces the program for the 2021/2022 season in the Roundhouse of the Eiffel Workshop.Photo: Attila Polliak-Orego

Among the replaceable firsts from last season is the Hungarian premiere of Philippe Glas’ ballet opera, Les Enfants Terribles (Dangerous Eden), which was born after Jean Cocteau’s novel. The choreographer is Dóra Barta. The operas of Debussy Pelias and Melissande will be performed by Kirsten Delholm and the world-famous Danish artist group Hotel Pro Forma, which he founded. A Bach show entitled Cross Cantatas based on the works of the Three Bach was organized by Csaba Horváth with the participation of Forte. The Erkel Theater also presents two premier shows that were previously not missed due to the pandemic: The Tales of Offenbach-Hoffmann and Donizetti: The Daughter of the Regiment.

The Hungarian Opera House announces the program for the 2021/2022 season in the Roundhouse of the Eiffel Workshop.Photo: Attila Polliak-Orego

To mark the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth, two works by the composer, King Stephen and the Antiquities of Athena, will be heard in the Eiffel Workshop. Also, the season’s new premiere is Eddie Boldini’s wedding carnival opera, which will return to opera sixty years later under the direction of art director Andreas Almasi Toth.

Eiffel WorkshopPhoto: Attila Polliak-Orego

The most anticipated event of the season is expected to be the opening of the Opera House, accompanied by a series of events for three days from March 12-14, 2022. On the first night, the Andrássy út Song Theater will open its doors with a festive concert and conductor Plácido Domingo. The next day, audiences will see Laszlo Hunyadi begin his debut as General Manager on New Year’s Eve, and on the third day, Kenneth Macmillan’s neoclassical ballet Mayerling will return to the opera repertoire.
They present Parsifal, directed by András Almási-Tóth – in today’s concept – then directed by Géza M. Tóth and the audience can see the twilight of the gods.

Szilveszter Ókovács, General Manager of the Hungarian Opera House, announced the performance of the 2021/2022 opera season in the locomotive hall of the Eiffel Workshop.Photo: Attila Polliak-Orego

In addition to the performances, the opera repertoire also includes the premieres of the past season, which the audience could only see online or even perform a performance. Thus, among other things, the comedy of Andrea Chenier, the violinist of Cremona, Don Carlos, Figaro, Stephen, The King, the Imagined Patient, or His Majesty, Save Me, Sir, The Master and Margarita, Salome, Aunt Simone, the Escape from the company and the citizen of the Lord could also be available this season.

Ballet performances

In addition to the aforementioned premiere of the movie Mayerling, the Hungarian National Ballet will also host three more performances, which will be held in the Eiffel Workshop. Wayne McGregor Croma’s choreography appeared for the first time, while Sol Leone and Paul Lightfoot Sade Kees also made their debut on the Opera Ballet troupe. The company will also present the Petipa Paquita suite in rework by ballet director Tamas Solemosi and ballet masters Irina Prokofieva and Mirzoian Albert.
John Cranco’s László Seregi’s Romeo, Juliet and Anyegin also returns to the reference. And at the Erkel theater, 44 years later, the audience can directly see the flames. Giselle, The Nutcracker, and Bad Girl also are on the show.

The Hungarian Opera House announces the program for the 2021/2022 season in the Roundhouse of the Eiffel Workshop.Photo: Attila Polliak-Orego

The Eiffel Workshop will also return to recent premieres in recent years, including choreographs by Alexander Ekman Cacti and Episode 31, Thierry Malandain’s Don Juan, and Marianna’s Firecrackers in Venecei.

World stars in the opera house

The audience can also meet excellent foreign artists next season. Patricia Pettibone and Lawrence Brownlee will be throwing concerts in August at Caudalie Park in the Eiffel Workshop, with Placido Domingo Simone Bocanegra, Erwin Schrute Mephistofel, Peter Seifert Parsifal and Anemari Kramer Salome performing in front of the audience. Sir Willard White sings the male lead role of Burgi Wps and Castle Blue Beard – the latter in Hungarian.

The Hungarian Opera House announces the program for the 2021/2022 season in the Roundhouse of the Eiffel Workshop.Photo: Attila Polliak-Orego

Anna Netrebko and Yosef Aivazov are scheduled to attend an open-air concert at the Eiffel Workshop next August.
At the helm of the opera orchestra, in addition to Hungarian excellence, world-class performers will enter the podium – for example, David Coleman, Paul Connelly, Pierre Giorgio Morandi, Stefan Soltisz, Fabrizio Maria Carmenati, Sebastian Lange Lessing or Frederic Chaselin.
The opera also honors the anniversary of its artists and bands, so director Miklos Zintar and the Honorary General Director are welcomed on the 90th anniversary of the ballet artist Emre Dosa and his 80th birthday with a special program on the occasion of the evening celebration. Children’s Choir Opera.

Opening Opera is more than just starting shows

Szilveszter Ókovács, general manager of the Hungarian Opera, told Orego: “This has been undoubtedly difficult over the past six months.
“We tried to take care of our artists and our workers. There were those who found it easier and someone had a hard time wearing the months closure. Many of us worked in the Eiffel workshop – for example, I painted the locomotive colors on my iPad and drew it with my colleagues. Originally it was from It could be concrete, so the facade is colored. “

Szilveszter Ókovács, General Director of the Hungarian Opera HousePhoto: Attila Polliak-Orego

He stressed that the opening of the opera house is the most important thing for everyone, but they also admire the Erkel theater, and the Eiffel workshop is the new building in which they will play.

The locomotive hall in the Eiffel workshopPhoto: Attila Polliak-Orego

He picked shows for next season this year in a completely different way than usual.
“I used to lack the theme now – although I love separating the seasons. Now, however, we’re glad we’re able to play at all. We need to make the performances we missed last year – these are seven important pieces. In addition, I chose offers. That the opera house has been playing for a long time. And I wanted to do Hunyadi for a long time – I chose it because we open the opera with this performance. What is new is that for the first time in three years, we see the day we play, when the rehearsals are, and whoever sings in the performances. He said.
In addition to the presentations, the audience also awaits about 1500 programs addressing the many layers of society, in addition to educational presentations. He said New Year’s Eve.
Finally, confirmed also proud of that Sir Willard White visits opera and sings bluebirds twice in Hungarian. Meanwhile, he will perform the role of András Palerdi Porgy – on the same evening. Then they exchange and Willard White Burgee sings and Ballerdy sings Bluebirds.

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