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The opposition referendum should be supported because of corruption, poverty and health

The six-party opposition was held on Wednesday morning this year First joint press conference, which, like January, was also somewhat unanimous. The Hungarian truth is six, so the party leaders in a row thanked those who completed their petition so far and emphasized that they see their initiative as a gateway to a change of government, so those who want real change and have not yet sign Fudan University at one of the signature collection points and referendum initiative on the seeker’s allowance a job.

We previously reported that he started collecting signatures on the Fudan University case in mid-December and extending the job search allowance from 3 to 9 months at the initiative of opposition mayor Girgili Karacsonni. Activists are expected to collect 200,000 signatures by mid-January, so far 75,000 signatures have been collected.

According to Christmas, the essence of democracy is very simple: they rule the people, not the people. The lack of democracy in Hungary is also evidenced by the fact that we do not have a serving government, but a ruling elite in power. The mayor believes it is the opposition’s duty to change that logic, and that’s exactly what the primaries were all about, as voters decided who should be the representative of the change.

What started with the initial selection continues with the signature

Clara Dobrev, Vice-President of the European Parliament, spoke for the Democratic Alliance, urging everyone to sign papers on behalf of her party.

Dont anna:

The start of the referendum is nothing more than solutions to the housing and livelihood crisis. The issue of Fudan University, student city, housing, and job search allowance is also relevant to this matter.

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Anna Donat, MEP for Momentum, also agreed that a change of government would definitely require a referendum:

Before elections, referendum and change of government. We have to say no to Chinese indebtedness and credit, and we have to say yes to the rural housing network and the student city. We must say no to poor Hungarian workers, keeping their wages low, and we must say yes to having high value and high value-added workers in Hungary.

He also noted that exactly 3 years ago, in those days, the opposition rejected the slave law, deciding that they would fight together to change the government. It is a lie that under the rule of law and democracy it is not possible to build a welfare state and lift the masses out. This is the NER lie. The NER has not been able to outperform all governments since the regime change of the past 12 years, it has criticized the current government.

ACC co-chair, Matti Kanasz-Nagy, reiterated what had been said before him:

The signature collection is already laying the groundwork for a change of government in the spring. The goal is to create social security and improve life security.

Karpat, Vice President of Jobbik, made it clear that a unit called Unity for Hungary would push the country toward western prosperity rather than eastern dictatorships.

If we have to choose between a Chinese university with three million tuition fees and 30,000 housing places for Hungarian youth, we will move in the direction of the Hungarian national interest.

– added the politician, then added that in the midst of a housing crisis in an ordinary country it would not be possible to explain what Fidesz-KDNP wants. Debt abroad and destroying the livelihoods of young people is not in the national interest.

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At the conclusion of the press conference, Peter Markie G., a candidate for prime minister from the united opposition, tried to dispel doubts about the inability of parties with different opinions to assemble in a possible joint government:

Although the opposition is diverse, we are all red, white, and green in our hearts. We are all Hungarian in the first place. We live in Hungary that has fallen in recent years, has become the poorest country in Europe and the most corrupt government in the union. The real question now is whether we’re heading up

According to him, this is also a question of two referendum questions: unlike the Communist Chinese University, rural students want affordable housing in Budapest, just as those who have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus are entitled to a job search allowance. for a period of 9 months. We mentioned that the latter is the shortest in the European Union in three months.