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The Polish government made a self-defeating decision

Stilo Energy, a Polish company for solar energy systems, has announced that it is restructuring its debt and wants to reach a new agreement with its creditors on repayment. Notes from Poland. The decision came just two months after the new solar energy was used Regulation Resulting in a significant decrease in the demand for solar home installations through deteriorating conditions.

The company was forced to take this step after Bank Pekao indicated that it does not intend to extend the availability of the credit facility of six million zlotys (518 million HUF), from which the company has so far raised 3.36 million zlotys, after the end of May. . This means that the bank is now eligible to redeem the loan, which has prompted the company to respond to prevent bankruptcy.

In the past, consumers who were both producers and consumers of electricity could lower their electricity bills at the electricity provider in proportion to the way they generated electricity to the grid. 80 percent of the energy produced can be “recovered” without further ado.

In the new system, the bills will be separated, so consumer producers will have to pay for electricity from the grid in the same way as everyone else. The government justified the change by preventing the overcharging of electrical systems. At the same time, experts note that Stilo Energy, spurred by favorable regulations, has driven growth only out of credit, and because it has not cared much about the risks of doing so, it can now owe it to itself.

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