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The press attache, Gabor Gundel Takaks, was on the other side this time

He was previously a commentator in the sports world, mentoring and assisting the Hungarian Olympic team and most competitors in Tokyo.

Gábor Gundel Takács showed a completely different side this time, but he also really enjoyed the Tokyo Olympics (Photo: Hédi Tumbász)

– What did you say? Have you worked as a commentator on three Summer Olympics and one Winter Olympics? On the other hand, this Tokyo differs from the others, as he lived in it as a press attache to the Hungarian Olympic Committee.
– It was completely different from the previous ones, because this time I was on the other side: I lived in the village, helped athletes, traveled with them – the Tokyo Olympics were different for me in everything, but I really, really enjoyed it.

Didn’t your journalist self wrestle with the appendix sometimes? In addition to helping the work of journalists, he had to focus primarily on athletes.
“I told the athletes, don’t see the journalist in the media, but the cheerleader: When they talk to a journalist, they actually talk to him. The cheerleader is always curious about what happened in the race and how the athletes feel. Of course, making communication sometimes, the more deep and emotional the conversation, More difficult, there are journalists who do not care about the athlete, maybe the evil or just the archaeologists.

– In such cases, how did you act and what did you do?
“I am in a fortunate position because I know the worlds, the athletes and the media. My principle, my philosophy, is to create a situation where everyone is comfortable and there are only winners. In addition to helping my co-workers in Tokyo all the time, I also cared about the athletes. I worked in the media while watching. Constantly because anytime the moment might come when you saw the athlete didn’t want to talk anymore, wanted to talk later, or somewhere else, wanted to talk differently.

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“And what did you do when you had to accompany the athlete after a worse race?” As a journalist, you obviously wanted the contestant to speak up, too.
– This is correct. When Long Katinka came out of the pool after the two hundred mixed finals, I asked her what I could do to help her. He replied that he wanted to get through the interviews quickly.

“Compared to that, he had stayed in the mixed zone for quite some time after that.
– Yes, because I managed to open Katka. Both sides can be satisfied. After that, I also told him that he is smart and human at the same time. that’s good. If the athlete feels we are watching and taking care of him, he is more prepared. If he feels important himself, and not just a tool for the media, he proves to be a much better partner. By the way, I found that these conversations are better for everyone – many journalists are present at international press conferences, foreigners also ask questions, and their relationship with Hungarian athletes is completely different. Several Hungarian journalists gathered in the mixed zone, and there was always some kind of cohesion between them, and then of course everyone wrote the conversation in their own style. It was very interesting to know who, after each conversation, highlighted what was in his material, what title he gave it, and how he wrote it at all.

Did the athletes kiss him from the first moment?
“Of course, there are sports I have been more involved in before, so I already knew those athletes, but I think they all accepted. Fortunately, I didn’t have to explain who I was.

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He received a higher dose of lesser-known sports in Tokyo.
– I was playing handball, and I understand team sports better anyway, because I was dealing with it, I watched the rest and just followed them as spectators. But in Tokyo, by riding with members of the Hungarian team, and sitting in the stands reserved for the athletes, I could hear the coaches’ conversations, and of course I had a much more direct relationship with the competitors. I really felt proud to be called, I think at the end of the Olympics. I am especially happy that I was able to participate in a successful Olympics in this way. I remember working as a journalist in Beijing, how frustrated everyone was when we didn’t get a gold medal three days before the end. The Tokyo Olympics looked much better in this respect – from day one.

– You will have something to relax!
“I don’t think I need to relax much for these Olympics, although it would be nice to sleep bigger.” Tokyo experiences are sure to accompany you for a long time. I’ve been keeping a diary for a while on my long travels because we tend to forget what happened to us. I also wrote a diary in Tokyo – it would be good to read it later. It is completely subjective, because this is my story, and it also lacks the form of Tokyo itself, because of course I have no idea about it …