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The Queen was very upset by the tsunami of fear from Prince Harry

II. Queen Elizabeth He’s preparing for the rematch because he’s stuck now Harry And Megan “Attacks”. According to insiders The Queen invited a legal teamAn expert on defamation and privacy.

(Photo: AFP)

II. Elizabeth feel They have reached the point where muck can no longer be tolerated. He got really tired when it was a scandal opera interview After Harry came up with the idea of ​​a biographical book in which he could extend the privacy of the royal family. Moreover, the publication of the book coincides with the 70th anniversary of the reign of the queen.

young couple First, experts warn that continuing the expiration campaign will have consequences Writes Mirror. Lawyers will also contact the publisher of Harry’s book to request a first look at its contents, and the Queen would also like to comment on what has been described. According to a source that leaks information, members of the royal family are very They are afraid of rumors that will still take their wings about them. Surely if they are violated again, they will be sued!

Big dust raised the couple during an interview with Oprah claimed, a family member said that little Archie’s complexion was too dark to earn the title of prince. Harry also reported that Meghan’s mental state had deteriorated due to the elimination. He was afraid that his wife would suffer the fate of Diana. What other secrets can be revealed?!

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