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The recent period has deprived us of our sense of freedom and security

Jun 11, 2021-17: 26

Two things are important to all people, freedom and security, but the coronavirus pandemic has deprived us of our sense of freedom and security at the same time, the Minister for Families Affairs said at the opening of Bobo Theme Park in El Sopahok.

Do not close the country again, and with it hotels, schools and kindergartens, and do not have to maintain a forced distance from each other or surrender important things, Katalin Novak said when handing over the adventure park built by the operators of the Kolping Hotel!
Thanks to the vaccinations, we can say carefully, but we have regained a large part of our security, we can finally go to rest and vacation,” he said upon handing over the facility worth more than two billion forints.
The minister explained that the risk to health means that people do not feel safe, and so do their parents, grandparents and children.
“We didn’t know what to expect in the future, whether in a week or longer,” he added.
Katalin Novak noted that we are still keen on whether there will be a fourth, fifth or sixth wave, but vaccinations have basically restored safety, and we can vaccinate children over 12 years old.
He added that work and children, i.e. family, are necessary for all.
The family’s value, he said, was “restored to its proper shelf, or even higher.”
Katalin Novak stated that the operators of the Kolping Hotel in Alsópáhok have also “learned to skip the bend” and, like many companies, have worked hard to develop it in order to get out of the difficult situation.
The government helps restore life with the greatest possible freedom and security. For example, those involved in controlling the epidemic will get two weeks of additional leave, which many of their families are expected to spend using the services of Hungarian tourism, according to Catalin Novak.

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