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The revamped M4 Sport studio will make its debut in the opening match of the European Football Championship

On June 11, the revamped M4 Sport studio will debut with a preview before the opening match of the European Championship. At the opening, which begins at 8 p.m., Andrea Petrovics Meri will host the meeting, who will introduce the stunning visual world of the new studio with expert pairs Tamas Hagnall and Henrik Hegedus. Except for the Eb 51 match, which will take place at the Puskás Arena in Budapest and the Allianz Arena in Munich, as well as in five meetings on M4 Sport +, all programming will be broadcast from here.

The renovated M4 Sport studio is waiting for its viewers with great pictures. 1600 meters of LED strips are responsible for the backlight and a total of 16 moving LED columns can display each match scene and conversation backdrops. In addition to technical solutions, the studio has also changed spatially, with three of the previous two locations being established by public servants.

“The mobility that is also typical of sports is due to the renovated studio. It gives the channel more modern and almost unlimited visual freedom. An important aspect before planning was that the channel wanted not only to broadcast local and international sporting events, but also to analyze what Widely seen with its experts. With the new studio, in addition to responding to technological developments, we also aim to have more personal conversations than before. I can safely say that the new home of the M4 Sport stands out internationally as well”- He said Dániel Papp, CEO of MTVA.

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The public media staff began dismantling the former group in mid-April, so the channel in recent months has produced its broadcasts from a virtual studio. The transition period also showed the M4 Sport and viewers how important visual freedom is when giving a show.

“The studio was set up prior to the launch of the channel, with solutions that were unique at the time, such as a table-mounted touch screen, where we were able to analyze events in a way we had never seen before in Hungary. However, nearly six years have passed and the technology has advanced to the point So big that everything we used for this show at the time can now be easily solved with a tablet. We will have a diverse studio with many appearances, be it the Champions League, the OTP Bank League or other notable sports. The scene gives freedom Spiritual that from now on, what we present to our viewers depends only on our willingness and creativity. I hope you liked them”- studio ratings David Sekely, Director of M4 Sport.

The European Championship kicks off, on Friday, with the opening match between Turkey and Italy, which can only be watched by fans on M4 Sport and M4 Sport. During the introductory studio talk, the channel’s new studio will go live, and the start will begin at 9pm. The meeting will be moderated by Stephen B. Hadji from Rome.

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