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The Road – Sunday 23 September 2021 | Hungarian Post

We ask you, your beloved son, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit, to turn away from your servants these unbelief, doubt, idolatry, witchcraft, reading and reading. Summoning the dead, the desire for money, the temptations of whims, hostility and strife. He was always shocked when, at the beginning of Lent, the Church implored those who were preparing for baptism, and asked them to free them with holy oil from deafness and stammering in the faith, that is, imprisonment before God because of these. Behind them are very specific sins.

Today in the Gospel, Jesus heals what Saint Mark interprets not only as an event of restoring health, but as the fulfillment of prophecies, the arrival of the kingdom of God: the deaf hear, the dumb rejoice, they can go out of themselves. Indulgence and embarking on the path of discipleship. But how does all this happen?

Jesus walks in a pagan land: he makes himself available to those who are far away. Today, when we talk a lot about the apostolic identity of the Church, it is worth noting that the meeting point of the pagan message is not the celebration but Jesus, in the reputation of the good man. That is, as a first step in transmitting the faith, we must celebrate the Christian man’s confidence in the world, the ecclesial activity that helps daily life, that responds to the needs of his time, but does not stop there, but makes it so. God’s kingdom is available.

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This is reinforced by the fact that others in the Gospel present the sick before Jesus, and thus, with the support of those who observe him, the tangible goodness of the distant God enters into his personal abode. Am I in good news? Is there anyone I pray for repentance and I am present with him with such enthusiasm that I help him one step closer to meeting his master if necessary? Is there a place in our societies for newcomers to question/question more habits?

Jesus pulls the sick aside. Because the miracle in reading Jesus is not a feeling, but always an invitation to walk freely on the path of healing the soul after physical healing. The evidence for this is that Jesus imitates the movements of the Creator: by his action and his word he re-creates man, in direct contact with him he removes his disability. What do we pass on as a basic Christian message to those who enter the path of faith? Do we perceive and not even transcend the teachings of rules and customs, or do we dare to assert that a person who approaches Jesus must see the face of Christ and have the courage to face all that awaits healing in the light of that stare? This, of course, only goes to anyone who has met the source of love before or under laws and customs. In one of the Easter Teachings of Saint Ambrose, he said to the baptized: I now begin to explain the symbols to you, because without the experience of believing in baptism you will not understand their basic teaching.

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Afte open it! Get rid of your life, present before God what you approach before Him! Forge the core of your relationship with God and be proactive with your reputation, concern, and reference to Christ in pagan lands.

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