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The Russians can use chemical weapons in Ukraine!

Russia has used toxic substances against Ukrainian forces in Mariupol, according to a report from the Azov Battalion defending the city. Material from a drone was scattered, and the victims fell short of breath. According to Bloomberg, this may be the first known Russian deployment of chemical weapons in Ukraine.

Other sources reported the attack. According to Ukrinform, there is a very high probability that the Russian occupiers will use chemical weapons in Mariupol. This was stated by a source close to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

There is a very high probability that the Russian fascists will use chemical weapons

Commenting on the news of the deployment of chemical weapons in Mariupol, the source said.

Many people note that it is difficult to confirm the news at the moment, but since Mariupol foolishly agreed for weeks, this is not surprising.

Earlier, before the alleged attack, they arrived around him newsletterOn Monday, news portals said that the “chemical forces” in Mariupol were directed by Eduard Bazurin, the deputy commander of the separatists in the Moscow-backed Donetsk region.

The Ukrainian news agency “Pravda” and “Union” quoted the Russian news portal RIA Novosti as saying that a military commander in Bashurin said that it was “not pointless to attack” Ukrainian soldiers on the territory of the Azov steel plant, but to “switch to chemical forces”.

The plant has several underground levels, so if Russian troops invade, you will incur huge losses.

According to the Russian portal RIA Novosti, Bashurin claimed that Ukrainian soldiers controlled only two factories in Mariupol, Azov and Azovmas. He added, however, that

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Factory districts in terms of size are like a city within a city as it was built in Soviet times.

The Pravda news portal in Ukraine indicated that in front of Bashurin, Gennady Posilin, the leader of the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic”, announced that at least one and a half thousand Ukrainian soldiers were trapped in the Azov region. The news portal also noted that British Military Intelligence said on Monday:

There is a high probability that Russian forces will deploy phosphorous-containing projectiles at the siege of Mariupol.

Cover photo: Leon Klein / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images