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The Russians threaten a military response to Romania and several unnamed “border countries”.

Spokesperson for Igor Konasenkov

The Russian Defense Ministry held a briefing this afternoon, here are their main claims:

  • Spokesman Igor Konasenkov said they know that the Ukrainian Air Force can use images from several neighboring countries, for example, they have confirmed information about allowing Ukrainian fighter planes to enter Romanian airspace and “other border countries”. According to Konasenkov, this can also be understood as the countries involved in the military conflict.
  • Konasenkov claims that today the Russian army destroyed the Ukrainian air base Vinnitsa and shot down 3 Ukrainian Su-27 fighters. “We have destroyed practically the entire combat-ready air fleet of the Kyiv regime,” the spokesman said. The credibility of his words was somewhat diminished by the fact that the same words were announced on the first day of the conquest.
  • The spokesman said that Russian forces found evidence that the Ukrainians, with the support of the US Department of Defense, developed biological weapons using anthrax, cholera and other pathogens. According to Putin, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine periodically issued an order to eliminate evidence of incrimination, that is, viruses and bacteria.
  • Konasenkov said the Russian military would deal precise strikes on some factories in the “Ukrainian Military-Industrial Complex” in the near future, so he was warning workers in these factories in advance.
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