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The Russians were very upset, threatening to block YouTube

Moscow threatens to disrupt video sharing in the country. According to Agence France-Presse, they were upset by the fact that YouTube on Tuesday blocked the German channel and another channel of Russia’s state-funded RT channel, indicating that they had shared misinformation about the virus. Since then announceAll videos, channels and anti-vaccination activists have been blocked.

Russia has now positively reprimanded techies and paid local providers for them, while trying to increase RT’s impact with its news in foreign languages ​​around the world.

On Wednesday, Moscow accused German authorities of using YouTube to help it, a charge that Berlin denied. According to the Russians, retaliatory measures against the German media are not only a “correct, but necessary” step. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokeswoman, Steffen Seibert, responded that the German government had nothing to do with YouTube’s move and warned Moscow of retaliatory measures against the German press in Russia.

Russian media company Roskomnadzor responded by threatening YouTube to restrict access to Russia, accusing the company of censorship. Roskomnadzor also sent a letter to Google, which owns YoeTube, demanding that all restrictions on the two channels, RT DE and Der Fehlende Part, be lifted urgently.


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