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The Senses: Midnight: Survival Horror with a Japanese flavor by Suzaku [VIDEO]

The Senses: Midnight: Survival Horror with a Japanese flavor by Suzaku [VIDEO]

SUZAKU Games is already working on a sequel to Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story, although it will follow the anthology style.

For now, the look of the PC-only version is particularly obvious, because eastasiasoft (not described in a grocery store-like way, but actually has little names…well, someone finds logic in this) will be implemented later this month. On the one hand, we don’t know when the console releases will come, and on the other hand, we can only guess which platforms this 3D survival horror might appear on (PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch?).

According to the publisher, Kaho Uesugi is an adventurous college student who is often away from home and is also a member of her school’s Witchcraft Research Club. Returning to Japan to visit her family, other club members challenge Kaho to investigate a notorious urban legend. This will be the midnight door to the Ikekuburo Walking Park. He takes on the challenge to confirm the legend’s existence: he wants to gather evidence of the paranormal, but entering the long-abandoned park might be the worst mistake of his life.

Classics of the genre inspired by the senses: Midnight. This 3D survival horror has tank-like controls (to be clear: the first three Resident Evil originals had this in the late ’90s) and has fixed camera positions (same for the three REs). Garden secrets can be learned with the help of storytelling through environment and background story. Stock will be limited, so you need to be careful not to go back and forth all the time. There will be perilous puzzles and great risk, because its completion can attract the attention of souls thirsting for revenge. Then you have to hide, and you can safely save your game only in one place, where the ruthless Onryo will always be on your way.

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The Senses: Midnight on July 22 on PC (steam) indeed, but it can only be expected by unspecified controllers at a later, as yet unknown, time.

source: jimatsu