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The singer spoke to the rapper, the star scandal lost more

Although star jurors said Renny Ursova was one of the show’s top contestants, he was forced to leave last Sunday. Rapper Denise was the first to defend the singer.
He described it again on Sunday night, it’s hard to find the words, but it’s another powerful mirror he thinks we can look into.

Public taste and culture are in ruins. It is enough just to look at the common things. For a long time now, it wasn’t talent or content that mattered, but in this case, the catch. The audience decided just like YouTube The rapper that Renee started working with years ago is angry.

Then came Gergő Rácz, with whom the singer worked together on the song From Now on. The song already has 41 million views on YouTube.

Rainey was one of the productions, if not the best. He was ready, as in other radio programs, to solve the most difficult successive tasks. He dropped out unexpectedly. Together with all the staff, we were shocked Jorgo wrote, who didn’t stop there. Deniz also made an appearance during his previously quoted post.

Let’s say you could have encouraged your followers a little better to vote for Renire The singer said to the rapper.

was wrong. Renee was so good that I thought she was speaking for herself Denise replied succinctly.

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