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The slaughterhouse at Felgyő has developed revolutionary new meat products

János Gulyás és Társa Kft. Ltd., a slaughterhouse operator in Felgyő, has developed a family of pork products with high biological value, hemp seed protein and oil content – the company reported to MTI.

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According to the announcement, HUF 289.74 million of the costs of the more than two-year research and development project of HUF 526.8 million were covered by a non-refundable EU grant and HUF 184.38 million by a soft loan.

During development, new functional nutritional model products with high biological value were created in all categories of meat products – red goods, pork liver, dry goods, which share the use of hemp seed preparations that have a beneficial effect on health.

Consumption of hemp seed protein, edestin and hemp seed oil has a beneficial effect on maintaining and maintaining human health based on their content standards. Edestin is a complete protein that contains all the essential amino acids necessary for the human body. Hemp seed oil contains high levels and appropriate proportions of unsaturated fatty acids.

Gulyás János és Társa Kereskedelmi Kft.
Archive photo: Attila Majzik

Specialists in the production of prototypes have developed a technology that significantly increases the amount of useful nutrients in processed meat that are so important for food. The new processes make it possible to exclude from the production process plant components, such as soy and canola, which may contain plant components or hormones less beneficial to the human body.

Family János és Társa Kft. , family owned János és Társa Kft. According to publicly available company data, the company with 44 employees is one of the largest employers in the micro-area. Last year, the company increased its net sales to HUF 1.798 billion from HUF 1.407 billion in 2019. The company generated an after-tax profit of HUF 105 million in 2019 and HUF 106 million last year.

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