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The smart home nightmare may be over

Soon, all devices may become compatible with each other.

The biggest problem with smart home systems so far has been fragmentation, and in addition to many open standards, some manufacturers have been able to power their devices using their communication protocols. This led to incompatibilities: It was not possible to add any optional unit to the existing smart home systems, and if the company that made the control system went bankrupt, the tools they bought for the eccentric system could go to the trash.

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The ZigBee Alliance announced that this may end soon to me Hubs and widgets that support the new Home Communication Protocol (CHIP) will be available later this year. CHIP is set to become the de facto standard communication protocol in the market, and there is every chance for it to succeed as 170 companies that design smart home products, including Amazon, Apple and Google, succeed it.

Thanks to CHIP, the chaos and chaos of the market can end: the smart home hubs of the future can be supplemented with a unit made by any manufacturer, and if the hub is replaced for some reason, tools will not end up in the trash. For incompatibility.

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