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The sound of air defense sirens, and a fierce siege awaits Kyiv – here’s the main news on Saturday

The authorities of the breakaway “Republic of Transnistria” imposed temporary restrictions on the sale of certain types of food on Saturday due to increased demand in the wake of the crisis in neighboring Ukraine.

In the cities, advertisements were issued at the entrances to the shops stating this Cereals, flour, sunflower oil, sugar and salt are sold in small quantities. Although the government of the “republic” not recognized by the countries of the world has given assurances that local and imported food is more than enough, the demand has increased in some municipalities in recent days. According to media reports, the frightened people bought all the food, the main supplier of which is Ukraine.

A similar picture was observed in Moldova, where, due to the crisis in the neighboring country, people also began to buy basic necessities in addition to gasoline and diesel, the prices of which rose sharply. The Ministry of Economy of Moldova called on residents not to buy salt that has disappeared from the shelves. Buyers were also assured that there would be no problem with the domestic supply of the product, since it was supplied not only by Ukraine but also by other countries. At the same time, the ministry acknowledged that artificial panic and slow adjustment to changes in demand caused some temporary disruptions in supply.


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