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The statue of Judge Ica was sold for 8 million: I think my body at the time was worth that much money

Judge Ika’s financial help would be good now.

Judge Eka Back in 1987 she stood as a model Giula Bauer To the sculptor who made a sculpture from it. Judge Ica has kept the work in recent decades, but has now submitted it to the Kesselbach Gallery, where it is not only displayed, but also sold.

Although the price for the statue is not public, the exhibition is there Hints In his favor, he said that the statue of Judge Ica was kept for 7.8 million Ft. True, none of the interested parties have made any offers yet. However, Judge Ica will be happy to receive money from him as soon as possible.

I think the life-size sculpture is totally worth it: on the one hand, it was created by a very acclaimed artist, and on the other hand, it became a beautiful work. I think my appearance at the time, my body was worth that much money. Anyway, I didn’t know how much to create the exhibition, and I didn’t understand the art, but I trust them, they understand, they do their job well. I ordered the statue, so we agreed a fixed amount up front, and if I could sell it, I’d get my share. Truth be told, I am sure you will soon find a new owner, because the amount I get for it will be a good help in the future to recover from the hardships of recent years.

Judge Eka said.

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