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The summer variant of omicron has also arrived in Hungary

More and more people are being found infected with the coronavirus in Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. In Britain, the number of cases rose by nearly half a million in one week. According to experts, a small wave may occur in Hungary as well, but symptoms are expected to be milder than in the case of previous omicron variants, ATV News.

Virologist Miklos Rosvay said it can also be seen that the number of cases in Hungary is much higher than it was in the same period last year. (Currently the official government website reports virus data on a weekly basis only, recently Wednesday A total of 1,966 new infections were reported to have been officially examined in the past seven days, up from 1,536 new cases in the previous week. During this time, 32 people lost their lives due to the infection – editor.)

“The new variants, such as BA4 and BA5, do not follow the common rule of respiratory viruses, that is, they mainly spread during the cold period in the autumn-winter period, and it appears that these new variants will also cause disease in the virus expert,” said the virus expert. Highly prevalent variants are able to penetrate both the immunity provided by the vaccine and the immunity provided by previous infections.” However, Rosvay said it is not necessary to renew the vaccine because symptoms are much milder than in previous Omicron variants.

People with this disease must wear a mask!

According to infection doctor Erzsébet Pusztai, people who are seriously ill need better protection. It is recommended to wear the mask in the crowd. “Vaccines are less dangerous for people who are vaccinated, European data shows, and protection is important for those who may have symptoms or have a weaker immune system for some reason,” the doctor said.

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Experts agree that this new variant will be newer in the fall epidemic In Europe, and certainly in Hungary too.