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The Swedish man was sentenced to three years in prison for leaking trucks to the Russians

A 47-year-old man who handed over a trade secret to a Russian diplomat in exchange for money as a consultant to truck maker Scania was sentenced to three years in prison in Sweden for espionage on Wednesday.

a Christian Dimitrievsky The aforementioned man was accused of illegally collecting classified information as an advisor to car manufacturer Scania and Volvo. The Gothenburg District Court found that the defendant transmitted information via USB storage media, fully aware that he was doing so for Russia.

However, the court also found that this was done during the transfer of Scania’s trade secrets, but not in the case of Volvo’s information, and thus acquitted it of the latter. According to the court, the accusation of espionage required evidence that the transfer of information to a foreign country could jeopardize Swedish national security, and while this was proven in the case of the transmission of Scania information, it was not established with respect to Volvo’s information.

Dmitrievsky denied the allegations.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office had previously concluded that the defendant’s actions had endangered Swedish national security, so it requested a lengthy prison sentence in the case. In Sweden, a maximum prison sentence of six years can be imposed for espionage.

According to the court, Dmitrievsky contacted the Russian diplomat in 2016, with whom he met regularly at certain intervals. The chancellor was finally arrested in a restaurant in 2019 after receiving 27,800 Swedish kronor (about 960,000 forints) from the Russian diplomat.


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