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The Swedish prime minister, who was forced to resign a few days ago, was re-elected as prime minister

This time, 101 members of the SPD leader voted for him, against 173 against and 75 abstained. Under Swedish law, the prime minister is elected if fewer than 175 out of 349 deputies vote against him, by an absolute majority.

Anderson was already elected by parliament once last week, but resigned just seven hours after the Greens left the ruling coalition to accept the opposition’s draft alternative budget. Therefore, they cannot be officially registered as heads of government.

The new prime minister is expected to present his one-party government to the king on Tuesday to take office.

Magdalena Anderson, then chancellor of the Treasury, was tasked by the Speaker of the House of Representatives in mid-November to form the government.

A government crisis erupted in the country in June after a censure motion against him was lost at the end of June after seven years in office by the former Social Democratic prime minister, Stefan Lofven.

In Sweden, parliamentary elections are scheduled for September 11, 2022.

Cover image source: Nils Peter Nilsson / Getty Images

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