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The three internal defense systems of Marco Rossi have proven themselves

We will continue to display Group F of the European Football Championship. This time the focus is on the Hungarian defense and the withdrawal of Marco Rossi, which turned out to be a direct hit, the arrangement 3-5-2.

Attila Szalay has become the safest point in the Hungarian defense: since September last year, the national team has played 12 matches, 11 of them, and has always been on the field all the time – also against Cyprus (Photo: Karoly Orvay)

Nine of the teams participating in the European Championship for the Hungarian national team five years ago, and also participating in the European Championships, Dénes Dibusz, Péter Gulácsi, Attila Fiola, Ádám Lang, László Kleinheisler, Gergő Lovrencsics, Ádám Nagy, Nemanja Nikolics, Ádám Szalai are included, Zoltan Gera will be present at this year’s European Championships as a member of the coaching staff. Compared to the 2016 framework, most of the changes are in the back formation (goalkeepers, defenders), Six of the framework five years ago are not members of the current team, Among them, Roland Johas and goalkeeper Gabor Kiraly have already retired, and Adam Pinter, who has been a midfielder for five years but could also be used as a defender, is also ending his career. While Barnabas Pace, who plays a bit in Leuven, Belgium, Tamas Kadar, who signed for China, and Mihaly Korhut, who returned home at NB II DVSC, were left out last year.

A rookie, Bolla Bendegúz, has been included in the defense at right-back, and Mol Fehérvár has already introduced himself to the national team since the frame was announced, and has played for Cyprus as a substitute. He’s no longer a beginner, but even at a national level, the inner defender can’t be considered a routine Ákos Kecskés (Lugano), who has been a member of a fixed framework for some time, entered the national team only once. In addition to the rookies, a large yielder was also included in the rear formation: Bogdan Adam (FTC). The last time the national team goalkeeper played 20 times for the national team was in 2016, in a match against the Croatians (1-1). He pulled out of Bernd Storck five years before the European Championships and hasn’t come back since – until now. Another issue is that Rossi made clear at Tuesday’s press conference: Bogdan is only goalkeeper No. 3 in the frame, and if nothing unusual happens, the number one goalkeeper, Peter Gulacci, will defend in each of our matches.

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Rossi has been using the three internal defensive formations of the national team since September last year, and since then our national team has played 12 matches and lost only one of them and won eight goals thanks to scoring only ten goals. But there were also six matches where none existed. So we can say that the new look of the lineup has proven its worth. We can also say that it is “fake” 3-5-2, because when we have the ball, the three defenders are inside at the back, almost in the line, but when the opponent is attacking, one of the wings, the right or the one on the left (depending on who The team pose) closes again next to the inner defenders, and one of the inner defenders is hit by one of the edges, so by this time, in fact, in fact, four classic defenders the system is already formed.

The main people in this system are a Russian in the middle Willy Urban And the Attila Szalay, And the Attila bottle, but the latter can be used not only in the center but also on any edge. Next to them, for example, in the qualification for the European Championship against Iceland, began Andrej Butka, who, like Viola, can play as a winger and central defender. Three of the four will almost certainly be there in the starting lineup against the Portuguese, but all four can be included, or if one of Willi Orbán is eliminated, Szalai’s doubles, Adam Lang, who has played three times in four games this year, are also eliminated. Recently against Cyprus, he could be in the picture. He was also a beginner when Willy Urban came on as a substitute only due to less muscle strain. The main question is who can reach the flanks, as the wing has to defend at least as much as Rossi.

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The option on the right is much more than the balloon, as it is next to the previously mentioned botka, Paula and Viola Jerji Lovernxx It can be seen in several posts Luke Nego. On the left side, with an injured New Year’s Eve ant eliminated, not a single ball winger remained in the picture – Fenerbahce defender Atilla Szalay is the only ball winger in the Hungarian frame. Therefore, it will be a big question which of the more offensive wings will be on the left in the Hungarian starting team: according to the current position, Holender Dating in the Philippines, Varga Kevin (Both started against Cyprus and played well) and Farga Roland The winner of the battle for the position may come out of the trio formed.

Against Cyprus, Butka, Lang (Urban was substituted in the 60th minute), the triple Attila Szalay in the middle, Jerji Lovrencciks and Kevin Varga started on both sides. Respectively, Holender Filip was also on the field, but this time he played forward, as he did for his club Partizan in Belgrade. But compared to that, Orbán will almost certainly start in the European Championship if nothing happens, and it’s also possible that Holender, Varga Kevin, will only get one of the doubles in the starting lineup at a time.

The European Commission’s Framework for Action in Hungary
The Gates: Adam Bogdan
( Ferencvaros ), Dibusz Denes ( Ferencvaros ), Peter Galaxy (RB Leipzig – Germany)
Paula Bendigos (Fihrvar Mall), Potka Indri ( Ferencvaros ), Attila bottle (Fihrvar Mall), Ákos Kecskés (Lugano – Switzerland), Lang Adam (Omonia – Cyperus), Jerji Lovernxx ( Ferencvaros ), Willy Urban (RB Leipzig – Germany), Attila Szalay (Fenerbahce – Turkey)
Middle tracks: Tamás Cseri (misocovesd), Rich Daniel (Philadelphia Union – United States), Philip the Dutch (Partizan Pograd – Serbia), László Kleinheisler (NK Osijek – Croatia), Big Adam (Bristol City – Anglia), Loic Nego (Fihrvar Mall), Andras Schaeffer (DAC – Slovakia), David Seger سي Follow Favorite Attackers: Janus Han (Baxi FC), Nicholas Nemanja (Fihrvar Mall), Sly Roland (Freiburg – Germany), Czabulex Shun (FC Dallas – United States), Adam Salai (Mainz – Germany), farga kevin (Qasim Pasha – Turkey), Farga Roland (MTK Budapest)
Federal Captain: Marco Rossi (Italian)

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