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The Tiger King’s Big Cats have been captured

86 large cats have been seized by authorities from Jeff and Lauren Lowe, known from Tiger King Netflixes’ Documentary Series.

The US Department of Justice announced on Thursday the seizure of exotic animals from Tiger King Park for the couple in Oklahoma and accused the party of violating US laws on endangered species and animal welfare. The animals seized include 7 lions, 46 tigers, and 15 hybrids.

The US Department of Justice last November lawsuit Because of the cruel treatment of animals against Geoff Lowe and his partner for “repeated inhuman treatment and abuse”. According to the wording of the report, “protected animals have been removed, illegally detained and transported” and “animal health endangered”.

The Department of Justice found that the spouses did not comply with court orders that they should have appointed a qualified veterinarian to ensure the cats received the level of care required by the Animal Welfare Act. Officials say many animals suffer from a skeletal disorder caused by calcium deficiency. The party also accused of harassing government employees, Jeff Lowe, during searches and threatening to assassinate wildlife officer Lauren Lowe.

The indictment read: “This revelation was particularly frightening because Tiger King’s former business partner is serving only 22 years in prison for hiring someone to kill his rival.”

As a result of the documentary, I also want legislation to be passed to prevent big cats from owning private property, and the bill has passed with a large majority in the House of Representatives, but even the Senate has to approve it before it goes into effect.

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