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The Touryst – PS5 version shown in 8K

By default, the PlayStation port of a two-year indie game will not be particularly interesting, but the Shin’en team surprised gamers: it turns out that the next-generation version will display in 8K.

Touryst originally debuted as a Switch-exclusive in 2019, ran for PC and Xbox last year, and in September it was also honored on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Although Shin’en Multimedia’s development has been a huge success, it won’t be. An important thing in and of itself, the press picked up on it: It turned out to be the first 8K/60 fps game on Sony’s next-gen console.

This is amazing digital foundry First discovered, then confirmed by developers: the game is shown in native 8K, although we can only see it in 4K at the moment, because the PlayStation 5 does not support an 8K screen yet – of course, thanks to downsampling also more sharply than if the game It works in native 4K resolution. The guys added that if Sony unlocks the 8K display option, they’ll only get a higher resolution to activate a higher resolution.

According to Digital Foundry, by the way, the Xbox Series X version also works in a higher resolution – the game is displayed in 6K resolution.

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