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The tragic prediction – the end of the era of cheap food

Britain’s largest chicken producer said the rate of increase in food prices could be in the double digits due to serious supply chain problems.

In Britain, food has been pretty cheap for 20 years, but some say it’s coming to an end. Recovering from the double crisis of Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic The world’s fifth largest economy is currently facing a severe shortage of truck drivers, butchers and warehouse workers, Ranjit Singh Bhubaran, owner of 2 Sisters Group, said the exacerbation of current problems in the global supply chain,chicken king“Mentioned in Britain.

Gone are the days when a family of four could be well fed from a £3 chicken

Bubaran said. he added: “In relative terms, it is cheaper to buy a chicken today than it was 20 years ago. However, from now on, we will see another world where the buyer will have to pay more“.

Bubaran, from It produces about a third of the poultry products consumed in the UKAnd He said, He does not believe that the British government can solve all the problems and control inflation. The head of the company said that the narrowing of the labor supply could lead to a serious explosion in wages, and seeing that, he would invest mainly in automation.

Less employment means fewer options, empty shelves and inflated wages

summed up. “I have to be honest about what this means for consumers, as inflation can run into double digits.. “

Poparan explained the “cost of the tsunami” as follows: Feed and ancillary product costs, veterinary costs and wages are up 15-20 percent, there is a severe shortage of trucks, energy and carbon costs are up more than 500 percent from last year and packaging costs are up 20 percent percent in six months.

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On the other hand, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has repeatedly said that the British economy Reliance on cheap imported labor and a favorable wage situation. However, Johnson’s government has denied that Brexit is to blame for the burden on the economy, even though other European economies have not faced similar levels of supply chain disruption.

I am confident that the supply of goods will be convenient for everyone and we are working to remove barriers where possible.

Johnson’s Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak reassured him in Washington.