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The transition period destroys hair | new word


Menstruation causes significant changes in the female body – this is normal. In such cases, the cycle stops and then stops completely, but in connection with this, women can also experience many unpleasant symptoms, for which a lot can be done.

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Almost everyone knows heat waves. But menopause can also lead to osteoporosis or even hair loss. The first is a health problem, and unfortunately it is also dangerous, while the second is “just” an aesthetic problem.

The quotes are justified for two reasons. Aesthetics are very important, especially for mental health and self-esteem. Unfortunately, there is the fact that women who experience moderate or severe hair loss due to menopause are also forced to suffer severe damage to their self-esteem. Another point is that among the causes of hair loss, nutrient deficiency is prominently present, which unfortunately also plays an important role in the development of other, more serious diseases.

The transition period brings with it a state of deficiency of a number of nutrients, which also affects the functioning of the body. These include vitamins D, A, E and B, zinc, magnesium and calcium. Nutrient deficiencies also play a major role in hair loss, as many people know that zinc and vitamins are also responsible for the beauty, richness and health of hair.

In addition to hair loss, deficiencies also leave their mark on well-being, weight-bearing capacity and general health, so proper replacement of nutrients is also of particular importance in this case, for this reason, eating and even regular exercise has been proven. Not sufficient in many cases.

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Nutrients can also be supplemented with a vitamin preparation, which is a good solution using today’s technology. It may seem strange at first, but pregnancy vitamins can also be useful during menopause, but women’s vitamins can also help in this situation a lot. However, this will be true only if the use of imported materials is appropriate – this, unfortunately, is not the case in most cases.

The nutrients we take with the tablets must be properly prepared by the body. This requires energy, but this can also be improved with the right chemical bonds. The biologically active organic forms of crosslinkers – practically citrate and gluconate bonds – are absorbed more efficiently than substances introduced into the most commonly used crosslinkers – for example, oxides. Through the use of citrates and gluconate, the body has to make fewer transformations, so that it can use up to 80% of the substances, and this amount is not insignificant. The rate of use can be increased if, in addition to organic bonds, the chosen preparation is also complex, that is, it contains as many substances as possible. Some materials are used better in the presence of others. This is true in the relationship between magnesium, calcium, vitamin B, and vitamin D, but it is also true, for example, in the relationship between zinc, copper and vitamin A.

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