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The true story of the Hungarians in England

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The United Kingdom is one of the most important destinations for Hungarians living abroad. However, as of January 1, 2021, everything has changed as the United Kingdom, including the United Kingdom, is no longer a member of the European Union. Nevertheless, many thousands of Hungarians (according to official data, about 80,000, but the number may be higher) still live there or plan to try their luck at one of the island’s most famous cities. The destination is usually London, but because life there is so expensive, many prefer to try their luck in the suburbs or the surrounding nest.

The actual history of the Hungarians in England c. In this volume, the author discusses the difficulties of going abroad and living abroad, the importance of language learning, and, most importantly, the nature of Europeans. We can find out what life is like in an outside company, how to behave at work and with co-workers, and, most importantly, how to deal with the swelling that prevails over us after many months.

The cost of living in London is high

As mentioned, most Hungarians live in London and we have more opportunities in terms of jobs, but living here is expensive. So many cities need to think about: Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham or Brighton, not far from London if you like the beach.

“I did well to go out, but came home a year later. That’s right. I gained a lot of experience, went on a trip, learned about the country, overcame my domestic depression. One of the most important benefits of living outside is that you learn English well. When I got home, it penetrated my whole life and gave me a lot of benefits at work and in my personal life. I like to watch movies in English and study in English. Said.

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Learning English in the Internet Age

Anyone familiar with the age of the Internet will be in touch with the English language from an early age using the Internet, computer use and smart devices. English is becoming a part of their daily life and they are learning it quickly and using it consistently.

Robert Naki has dedicated a separate chapter to the English language skills of the Hungarian community and to his favorite place, Stonehenge, which is part of the World Heritage Site.

So, anyone who thinks they should start a new life now, especially after reading a book that fills a gap, should be prepared that good language skills are not guaranteed at all. Speaking English well at home and dominating the UK is different. This is an adventurous adventure, it is not an impossible task!

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