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The type of BMW cars that will be produced in Debrecen has finally been revealed

The director of the Bavarian manufacturer has revealed information about upcoming electric models in 2025.

BMW DebrecenSource: BMW

By the end of the year, the BMW Group will already offer 15 types of purely electric vehicles, but they will be built on platforms that can also accept existing internal combustion engines. in the middle of the decade, In 2025, a completely new generation of electric cars of the brand, manufactured in Debrecen, will also arrive, which BMW called the Neue Klasse (New Class). These cars are already based on an entirely new architecture for electric vehicles (NCAR), which is currently still under development. From 2026, production of Neue Klasse models will also begin in Munich, BMW’s oldest factory.

The factory covers an area of ​​more than 400 hectares in the northwest region of DebrecenSource: BMW

In the press release detailing the BMW Group’s financial results for the first half of the year, BMW CEO Oliver Zipse provided interesting information. Among other things, he revealed it The first two members of the Neue Klasse model family will be a sedan and an SUV. “Our growing range of all-electric vehicles is one of the main drivers of our sales today. From 2025, we will take the next big leap with Neue Klassé: this model family will define what the BMW Group stands for in the future. Initially, we plan to offer a compact sedan and SUV Sports items the size of a BMW 3 Series. By the end of the decade, more than half of our sales are expected to come from the Neue Klasse model family.”

The BMW chief didn’t reveal any other details about future electric cars, but a report earlier this year revealed that the automaker will have a full line of battery-powered models based on Neue Klasse engineering by the second half of the decade. These range from the mainstream class to the exclusive high-performance M. models. The new platform will be used exclusively for electric cars, but in addition to pure electric motors, according to Zipse, hydrogen fuel cell systems may also appear later.

Source: BMW

BMW is building an integrated car plant in Debrecen, with a press plant, a bodybuilding department, a paint shop and an assembly hall. The plant covers an area of ​​more than 400 hectares in the northwest region of Debrecen, where after its installation It will be able to produce 150,000 cars annually. The facility will be built with an investment of about one billion euros and will start serial production of pure-electric models in 2025.

“We will not use petroleum or natural gas, and the electricity required to operate the plant will be produced exclusively from renewable energy sources,” said Milan Nedelkovic, BMW AG board member responsible for production. Groundbreaking ceremony in June. “Our plant in Debrecen is the first in the world to fully include a zero-emission vehicle plant, which will contribute significantly to our goal of reducing the total emissions value of our international production network by 80 percent by 2030.”

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