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The Ubisoft “hostage taker” kept making fake phone calls later!

Last November a Ubisoft A person who scandals about Montreal, who now turns out to be trying after the ordeal.

Canadian Journalism It was reported that the hostage hoax in November was followed by further calls in December and January and that the caller was aiming at Rainbow Six: Siege Player ban. Through calls from an ambulance in November, he lured the police to Ubisoft’s studio in Montreal, and according to the newspaper (citing court documents), the same person claimed to have placed a bomb near the studio’s childcare department, and in January several people said. People on the phone also became a hostage and someone from driving was injured …

The French publisher’s studio was also evacuated in November, but then the police handled the issue in silence, so they assessed the situation first before taking any action. One day after the third call, the rioter made a direct contact with the studio, disguised as Rainbow Six developer. The staff did not lean on him, so he threatened to continue harassing him until Ubisoft awarded him the Rainbow Six Banhammer. He wanted to ban the 16-year-old Swedish Spiot.

According to La Presse, an investigation by the Montreal Police Department (SPVM) has resulted in French player Yani “Y4nn0XX” Ouahioune. It’s been banned from Rainbow Six: Siege more than eighty times (no part of the franchise is mentioned it is, but since the new chapter, the subtitle Parasite Rumors has not yet been released, and Siege is likely the topic, from now on. R6SWe write as!). At La Presse’s request, he denied having anything to do with the phishing calls, but admitted that French authorities had accused him of creating a rogue Ubisoft website that could fool R6S players into extracting login data. He also admitted that he had also challenged someone’s backup police four years earlier (that would be an English-language smash) and publicly claimed that he had hacked the Spoit account as well, but said the statement was a lie.

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A spokesperson for SPVM told Gamesindustry that the identity of the perpetrator will be investigated and at least one person will be arrested in the case, but he did not disclose further details, so we don’t know if Oohyun is accused of fraudulent calls or not. …

Source: Games industry