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The United States offered a vaccine to North Korea, but Kim Jong-un does not respond

Joe Biden BBC North Korea did not respond to a US offer of a Covid vaccine. In North Korea, nearly 2.5 million people have had a fever so far, and the country’s state media says there is a nationwide quarantine. The Far Eastern country is likely to be particularly vulnerable due to low testing and poor vaccine supplies.

Biden announced the offer at a press conference in South Korea: “We have offered vaccines not only to North Korea but also to China, and we are ready to do so immediately,” adding: “We have not received a response.”

The previously isolated North Korean regime also rejected offers of vaccines from Covax, the Global Vaccine Sharing System, and South Korea. Instead, he said he has managed to keep Covid out of the country by closing the borders, even though experts say the virus has been in the country for some time.

State media has recommended remedies such as herbal tea, gargling with salt water and the use of painkillers such as ibuprofen, while head of state Kim Jong-un has accused officials of stabbing the distribution of the national supply of medicine.

China is also struggling to curb the wave of infections caused by the highly contagious version of Omicron, and tens of millions of people are being held in some form of confinement.

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