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The United States, the United Kingdom and Australia have agreed to develop supersonic weapons

According to the newspaper, President Joe Biden may soon announce the extension of the Tripartite Security Agreement between Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States (known as AUKUS). While this has not been confirmed in Washington, London or Canberra, the announcement is likely to come as early as Tuesday.

France Telecom recalls that the agreement was reached because the Pentagon acknowledged the need to accelerate efforts to develop hypersonic weapons, as China is a pioneer in advancing technology. While the United States has tested new devices less than a dozen times, the Asian nation has already accelerated hundreds of tests with hypersonic missiles at five times the speed of sound.

U.S. Navy rocket test near Bromentary, Utah, October 2021.
Photo: EyePress via AFP

The signature of AUKUS is unforgettable Significant tension developed later Between the Union and one of Australia’s largest members since the cancellation of the order for the former submarine. As part of the AUKUS agreement, Australia agreed to buy nuclear-powered but conventionally armed submarines with the United States and broke a $ 10 billion deal with France in 2016 to buy 12 conventional-powered submarines.

China is “at least years ahead” of the United States in developing hypersonic weapons faster than the speed of sound.

Said Gregory Hayes, CEO of the American arms manufacturer Radeon.

Recently, in an interview with Admiral John Aquilino, the United States and Australia stepped up cooperation in both space and cyberspace due to concerns about China’s hypersonic weapons.

The ability to identify, monitor and protect hypersonic missiles is really important.

Aquilino said.

Hypersonic missiles are a headache for the United States because, unlike ballistic missiles that follow a certain trajectory and can be easily caught, they are capable of precision maneuvering even at very high speeds.

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