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The US Secretary of State has already sent a strongly worded letter about the amendment of the Polish Media Law

In the statement, Blinken expressed his “deep concern” that Poland’s lower house of parliament would end up Approved The law despite previous warnings from US senators. Developed by FM A Reuters According to reports that

Significant American business investments in Poland link our prosperity and our collective security improvement. This bill jeopardizes the independence of the media and could undermine Poland’s strong investment climate.

Blinken also urged the Polish president not to sign or refer to the Constitutional Court an amendment to the law that was also passed in the Polish parliament yesterday that would make it difficult for Jewish families to reclaim property after Nazi German expropriation steps.

In a statement, the US Secretary of State noted that Poland is an important ally of NATO, an alliance “based on a mutual commitment to shared democratic values ​​and prosperity.” He added: “These laws (the Media Law and the Jewish Property Recovery Law – ed.) are contrary to the principles and values ​​that modern democratic states uphold. We urge the Polish government to show its commitment not only in words” but also in deeds. In addition to these common principles.”

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