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The vaccine is found in the mountains of the United States

The New York Times wrote that now that nearly half of the population in the United States has been vaccinated against Covid-19, it is becoming increasingly difficult to continue vaccination due to resistance and other factors.

Several participants at last week’s EU summit in Porto, including French President Emmanuel Macron, who has pushed for the creation of the largest port, urged the United States and the United Kingdom to lift restrictions on exports of vaccines and their components.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), of the 329 million doses delivered to member states, only 257 million have been delivered, and many have requested the federal government to significantly slow shipments.

Currently, the doses are proportional to the population, but the Biden administration has already indicated that it intends to change this method, taking into account the needs.

Some states, such as Maryland or Colorado, continue to require the full amount of the vaccine they are entitled to, according to a report from the Associated Press.

Meanwhile, North Carolina will receive 40 percent fewer vaccines, Connecticut will receive only 26 percent, and South Carolina will receive 21 percent of what goes.

The Arkansas Democratic Gazette reports that Arkansas ordered a complete moratorium on delivery for a week in late April. Governor Asa Hutchinson set a goal last week to vaccinate 50 percent of the population over the next 90 days. If not all vaccines available to the state are used, then

The rest may go to Massachusetts because there is a higher acceptance rate.

In many states, vaccination has slowed dramatically, which surprised experts, not least because the spread of the epidemic has been slowing in the United States for weeks.

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The vaccine has already been received in many places by populations that are easily accessible through campaigns to promote vaccination. The rest consist only in part of those who want the vaccine, and have not yet had it, and the others are hesitant, procrastinating, or refuse the vaccine on principled grounds or because they were misinformed about it.

We need to start something with the spread of misinformation online

Quoted by Jennifer Nuzzo, chief epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins University, in the New York Times.

I’ve never seen such a wave in my professional life before

he added.

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Officials say an effective way to promote a vaccine could be to emphasize greater vaccine freedom: If undecided people find that while the vaccine has few side effects, their vaccinated friends and acquaintances can go to concerts and visit the elderly without fear of getting sick and infecting others. ..and the newspaper wrote.

Currently, the US administers 1.98 million doses of Covid-19 per day, well below the April 13 peak of 3.38 million.