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The venue manager excitedly revealed surprising details of Majka and Dondika’s wedding

According to reports the mother He fell in love with the scene at first sight, and knew right away that he wanted to say the blessed love there, Majoros Hajnink.

“During my thirty-year career, I have never received such attention in the press, there has been a regular hunt for a picture, and some information about the wedding at the weekend.” . said thiol, Norbert Bulot, host manager of the Boudry Winery, which hosts the wedding on the Seventh Frontier.

According to the manager, Majoros crashed into the balcony for the first time in two years to have lunch with his brother. When he asked the waiters why they went to them, the answer was: “Male Szekszárd, all my friends recommended this place.

According to the headmaster’s report, Majka made a quick decision, looked around a little, and was already shaking his head at the quote.

I drove around the restaurant, in our basement, and eventually asked specifically for a three day event account. At his request, I immediately printed it out, gave him the quote, and the next morning he already called to discuss the matter with Hajni: here I want to connect their lives The director, who does not deny, said that August Day was still a permanent memory for the crew due to the plethora of celebrities and huge press interest. Let’s face it, advertising is not another such lagzi.

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