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The victory of political intellectual backwardness can continue

Political scientists often say that Boris Johnson was the only Conservative politician in the UK who was able to maintain the voting base that helped the Conservatives achieve a major victory in the parliamentary elections held at the end of 2019. By promising to shut down Brexit, The outgoing prime minister managed to win the support of the blue-collar working class in northern England, who traditionally voted for Labour, as well as Conservative voters – this class was mostly snowshoe-ridden. Many migrant workers are from Eastern Europe.

Conservative supporters may be weary of Johnson’s personal mistakes, but what he represents, let’s call “cabbage”, is certainly not, as Robert Shrimsley thinks, financial times Domestic political propaganda, which, compared to the style of a reclusive British business newspaper, took a surprisingly clear position on the question of which presidential candidate members of the Conservative Party should vote for in the party’s presidential election. Cabbage means support for goats to live well and cabbage to survive.

Only if it could have been

It is believed that the Conservatives continue to support the kind of policy – which was close to Johnson’s – that would combine higher public spending, better public services with tax cuts, a strong currency with public borrowing, necessary government intervention in the economy with deregulation, and Brexit. European Union. with greater growth. This is what former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak said, who cannot push his party to face the facts, but Secretary of State Liz Truss, who leads the race between the two according to opinion polls more than that.

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Therefore, according to the expert writer of the British business newspaper, the Conservatives should elect the latter as the leader of their party and at the same time as the prime minister of the island country. Without specifying the source of the funding, Truss promises tax cuts to stimulate growth, reduce implementation of costly commitments related to a green transition and moderate fuel prices. This is exactly what the right wing of the party wants to hear. Johnson presents the cabbage portrait of the outgoing prime minister without the human deficiencies that would have hurt his reelection chances.

silly alternatives

Truss, who voted to remain in the European Union in the 2016 independence referendum, is a candidate committed to Brexit in this turbulent presidential campaign. He represents change, having served faithfully in the three previous Tory governments. He promotes Reagan’s policies promising economic magic, while selling himself as a follower of Margaret Thatcher, who followed a strict budget.

Meanwhile, Sunak, who voted for Brexit six years ago, is accused of starting the string of resignations that led to the downfall of Johnson’s government, thus stabbing the Brexit prime minister in the back. Sun, a supporter of Brexit, wants to avoid conflict with Brussels in dealing with the fallout from Brexit. He advocates a conservative and disciplined economic policy, which irritates conservative politicians and party members. He describes cabbage politics as a fairy tale that could cause him to lose the party election.

No more arguments

British Conservatives want cabbage, and cogs play on it. For example, he says he made a mistake by not voting for Brexit six years ago. With this, he may be the only British pro-remainer to change his mind. The rejection of doubt is so strong that both presidential candidates refrain from pointing to the link between Brexit and a weaker pound, lower economic growth and delays in long-term developments such as climate change mitigation.

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May or may not come in

Truss’s election can only benefit because his strategy can be used in the next parliamentary elections (scheduled for 2025). It is difficult for the labor opposition to compete by combining tax cuts with increases in public spending (at the expense of debt, of course, because the economic environment is not such that growth suddenly starts to pick up). So unconventional economic policy can come.

Another problem is that, due to the laws of economics, another scenario is more likely, under which the party traditionally suitable to lead the United Kingdom slips into political childhood with cabbage, the British business newspaper columnist believes. . This political track appears to be on the horizon.