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The Wall Street Journal: Russian provocation against American soldiers in Syria could lead to conflict

“Russia’s recent behavior has been both provocative and escalating,” General Eric Korella said.

Russian forces carried out a series of military operations against the US-led coalition in Syria this month, including one this week against a strategically important base in the south of the country – Reported by US military officials

“extreme tension”

The Russian actions have alarmed US military officials, who fear the recalculation could lead to an unintended conflict between US and Russian forces in Syria. Tensions between the two countries are already high after Russia attacked Ukraine in February and

The Americans are making efforts to arm the Ukrainian army to defeat the Russian forces there

It is formulated in the analysis.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Russia on Wednesday launched airstrikes on the Al-Tanf barracks near the Syrian border with southeast Syria, where US forces are tasked with training and instructing local fighters to prevent the re-establishment of the Islamic State. Russia notified the United States via a communications line established years ago that it was carrying out air strikes in response to an attack on Syrian government forces.

‘Provocative and escalating behaviour’

“Shortly after, Russian fighter jets, including two Su-35s and Su-24s, were seen passing through the area over Al-Tanf before being bombed at one of the garrison’s combat centers.” said a US military official. The pre-announcement of the plague to US officials indicated that the Russian military was not actively targeting US forces but was harassing the US mission in Syria – a tactic used by Russian forces in the past and has been close to some over the years. Also resulted in injury.

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Russia’s latest behavior is provocative and escalating.”

The head of the US Central Command, General Eric Corella, said:

US military forces were not near the base during Wednesday’s epidemic, which was previously reported by CNN. There were no American or coalition casualties of the disaster. A US military official described the operation as a “significant increase in provocations.”

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